Saturday, August 8, 2015

Awesome New Dining Kit From Natalie - Dining With Friends

When it comes to Disney dining, we are character meal junkies!  I just love having characters roaming around and visiting our table while we eat.  It's certainly the easiest way to meet lots of characters.  I'll have to admit the food is not always the best, but we're not going to a character meal because it's the best food - it's because you get to meet characters.  We've been to all the character meals at Walt Disney World and a few of them at Disneyland.  So when Natalie came out with a new dining kit, I was stoked!  I got to finish up my layouts for Goofy's Kitchen.  Here's my 2 page layout.  My entire Disneyland photo book is pocket style so I was excited to get these 2 done.

Ready to see the new kit now?  It's called Dining With Friends and it's amazing!  It's filled with so many adorable kitchen utensils and foods.  I just loved it! It contains 5 bursts, a bow, a bunting, 3 scatter elements, a string, stitching, a piece of twine, a stack of bowls, a colander, a spoon, a fork, a knife, a slotted spoon, a pasta fork, a ladle, 3 plates, 5 oven mitts, a wooden spoon, measuring spoons, a spatula, a slotted wooden spoon, a cutting board, a chef's hat, a waffle, a syrup splatter, a fried egg, a frying pan, a whisk, a ketchup bottle, a mustard bottle, leaves, a pat of butter, a rolling pin and 2 alphas. 

There's also a set of word art, page starters and paper stacks.

Everything is located inside Natalie's Store.  Make sure you browse all her fabulous collections.  
To go with this dining kit, I made some word tags for the Fab 5 characters - perfect for Chef Mickey's!  Hope you like them!  You can also find a freebie over at Cynthia's Blog and Lisa's Blog.