Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Book Review - Living With Intent

I stumbled upon a site that allows you to read books for free and review them.  I thought I'd try something different and give it a shot.  However, it takes me way to long to read through a book (despite it being a quick and easy book) so this will be my first and last book review.  If your an avid reader, you might want to check out Blogging For Books.

Living With Intent by Mallika Chopra

Here is the review that I wrote:

As a mom of 2 boys amidst a busy life style doing errands, carpooling and other mom chores, I often wonder where I'm going and who have I become.  This book strikes a chord for busy mom bopping from one to-do to the next trying to maintain their sanity and rediscover their purpose and self worth.  I found Living With Intent to be a quick read.  It's filled with several stories and thought provoking homework and action items at the end of the chapters.

Being go-go-go all the time, I don't take any time for me and I don't live in the present and smell the roses along the way,   This book offers motivation and provides steps to take action with both simple and complex events in your life.  I try to use her words "Who Am I?" "What Do I Want?" and "How Can I Serve?" to slow my racing thoughts down and help me focus and get centered.  As I read the book, I'd often be nodding my head thinking "Yes, I feel that way too".  This book helped me realize that I'm not perfect and don't need to be, that I can slow down and figure out what important for me and for my family, and that I can be prepared with new ways of thinking purposefully.  
I received this book from "Blogging For Books" for this review.

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