Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf On A Shelf Adventures - Week Two

So we've survived another week of crazy adventures with our elf friend Dasher.  The boys have still enjoyed trying to find Dasher each morning.  Although some mornings they are more excited than others once they've seen what Dasher has done.  My youngest son likes it when Dasher gets into trouble or makes a mess.  Here's what he did this past week.

Dasher grabbed the TV remote and watched a few movies.  Of course, he had to have a snack to go with the movie.

A nice marshmallow bubble bath.

A reminder message written in M&M's about being a good boy.

Hanging from the ceiling on a candy cane swing.

Get ready for some football!

Dasher made himself some new snowman friends out of marshmallows.

Dasher finally captures the Abominable Snow Monster with the help of some burly nutcrackers.

On Sunday morning, he toilet papered our mini tree.  Andrew liked this one the best.

Hope your elf adventures are going well.  It's getting a little bit harder to come up with ideas each night.  Thankfully I still have a bunch of ideas saved from Pinterest.  Have a great week!