Friday, August 31, 2012

Kellybell Designs Autograph Blog Train - Part 2

Kelly is still on her vacation with the girls at Disneyworld.  Princess Aurora and Princess Belle have taken over the store and are practically giving everything away.  It you haven't already gone shopping, make sure you pick up all your scrapping supplies while the store is 50% off (except bundles) at

This week, we have another fun surprise for you.  Since the autograph card blog train in May was so successful, the Creative Team is now bringing you another round of characters cards.

I'm so excited to share with you my two 4x6 autograph cards.  You should have arrived here from Roxana's Blog.  After picking up my cards, you'll be headed off to JessicaK's Blog.  If you get lost along the way, you can find the master list at Kellybell Designs Blog.  When you finish the blog train, you should have 22 Disney autograph cards.  Enjoy the blog train, leave some love along the way, and have fun creating an awesome Disney autograph book!

On my blog, you get a double bonus.  I am hosting Lynnette's autograph cards too, so make sure you grab both downloads.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fun Hollywood Collection From Natalie's Place Designs

Ready for some lights, camera, action?  Today Natalie is introducing a fun new collection called Hollywood Blvd.  This kit contains 17 papers, 6 ribbons, a ricrac, a line of stitching, 3 borders, a bunting, 3 buttons, a bow, a string, an arrow, 2 flourishes, 4 flowers, a leaf, a frame, 8 filmstrip elements, 2 starburst elements, 2 hanging stars, 9 star elements, a street signs, 2 marquees, a clapper, a movie camera (with a beam), 2 film canisters, a director's chair, a palm tree element, a skyline, a Hollywood sign, 2 tickets, an award statue, two scatters, a splatter, sunglasses, stantions, 6 word tags, a word path and two alphas.  It's really gorgeous!!

In addition to the kit, Natalie has created a word art pack, a set of page starters and 4 paper stacks.  These make it so much easier to scrap because Natalie's done most of the creating for you already!!

You can find all of Natalie's collections in her blog store at Natalie's Little Corner Of The World.  This kit was a blast to scrap with.  First I wanted to use the pre-made paper stacks.  Here I added in a page starter frame, popped in a word art title and just finished up a cluster in the top right corner.  And viola, my page is complete!

Natalie's papers are fabulous.  I love her mix of silvers and gold as well as the classic Hollywood blue, red and black.

Once I saw the page starter that had the Hollywood sign with the stations, I knew I wanted to use that going across the whole page.  The bottom of this layout is a paper stack.

For your freebie today, I made a cluster with ribbons and the Oscars statue.  I hope you like it and can use it on your Hollywood layouts.  Enjoy and happy scrapping.  Make sure you also check out Cynthia's Blog and Lisa's Blog for their freebies.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Folder Images

Sometimes I think being clueless is a good thing because you have no idea what you're missing out on.  Then when you figure something out, you can't believe how simple it was and why you didn't know about this before hand.  For me this week, it was something as simple as a folder image.  So let me explain.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize the bazillion amount of scrapbooking stuff I have on my PC.  I'm very aware that all the files take up a ton of space so when I get a new kit I unzip everything and consolidate it all into 1 folder.  Then I delete the zip as well as all the marketing files (like blinkies, internet pointers, piracy notices), TOU and that extra file of the preview image called "folder.jpg".  

I never knew what that "folder.jpg" image was for, seemed like just another copy of the preview image.  So to save space, poof I deleted them all.  If you don't know what it can do for you, then you'll never miss it right?  Hmmm.

So let me tell you what that little folder.jpg image does for you.  Here's a look at several folders I have on my PC for Dream Big Designs kits.  Look closely at what's inside each yellow folder image.  See how it's trying to show you a few items that are inside the folder.  Sometimes it's showing an element and a paper, sometimes 2 elements.  Kind of a hodge podge and not the most informative.  Inside all of these kits I have deleted the folder.jpg image (except for 1 folder, hehe).

Now, if you have a file that's called folder.jpg, then that file will show up as the single image inside the yellow folder.  Let's take a closer look, these folders do NOT have a folder.jpg file in them.  So instead, my PC picks up 2 images for me to show me a sampling of what's inside.  

Then I went and copied the kit preview file and renamed it to folder.jpg.  Now there is only 1 image showing up inside the little yellow folder and it's the image that I've called folder.jpg.

Once I figured that out, I quickly went into each kit folder, copied the kit preview image and renamed it to folder.jpg.  Now when I look at my folders at a high level, I can get a better feel for what's inside them because I can see the preview image of each kit.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface in organizational strategies, but at least I now know what that file is for.  So in my peaceful bliss of being clueless about several thing, folder.jpg is one that I can cross off my list.  Maybe I won't be so quick fingered with all my deleting in the future.  Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mousescrappers Template Challenge

Happy Saturday.  Today I am hosting the weekly Mousescrappers Template Challenge.  You can find lots of great templates over there week after week.  Plus get lots of inspiration for your Disney layouts.  Here is the layout inspiration for this week's template.  It was made with one of Natalie's paper stacks from a kit called  'Konnichiwa Vol2'.  Natalie was kind enough to let me use her paper stack for a template.  I loved the paper blocks and the simpleness of the 3 photos.

You'll find the link to my Mousescrappers Template Challenge HERE.  I'd love to see what layouts you can create with it.  Hope you have a great weekend!  Enjoy and happy scrapping.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Kellybell Designs Store Wide Sale

Hold on to your wallets ladies, they just might be getting a little bit lighter!  Kelly has left for Disneyworld today for an amazing trip with her 3 girls. Well, the minute Kelly left out the door, those crazy princesses Aurora and Belle came in and took over the store.  First they wanted to give away everything for free, but I don't think Kelly would have liked that too much.  So instead, everything is on sale for 50% off (except bundles).  Yup, that all the kits, add-ons, page starters, alphas, paper stacks, date stamps, word art, pixie dust, quick pages and embellishments.

Kelly's store is loaded with tons of fabulous Disney inspired kit.  Have you browsed around lately?  There is so much to choose from.  Right now there are 15 add-ons, 9 alphas, 10 date stamps, 19 embellishments, 69 kits, 48 page starters and paper stacks, 12 quick pages and 65 word art.  Yes, that's a LOT, I know.  Don't worry, the sale goes on for a little more than a week so you have plenty of time to look around, check your scrapping stash, view the gallery for layout inspiration, and figure out what items you need to add to your shopping cart.  The sale starts on Friday August 24th and ends on midnight EST on Sunday September 2nd.

Head on over to Kellybell Designs Store and get ready to go shopping!!  If you need some scrapping inspiration for Kelly's kits, you can check out the Kellybell Designs gallery to view some amazing layouts.

Here are 2 of my favorite layouts I made with Kelly's kits.  First is one with Frontier Donald.  I used Friends To The End, The Wilderness, Around The Riverbend, and On The Frontier.  I pulled from several kits that had a cowboy woodsy feel to them.

And here's another one that's made with an awesome kit for boys who love pirates called 'Walk The Plank'.

Have fun shopping this week and make sure you stay tuned to Kelly's blog.  The Creative Team has a big surprise for you next week!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Never Never Land From Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie is taking you off to a journey to the second star to the right.  In a far away place called Neverland. She's got an amazing new collection called 'Never Never Land'. This kit contains 16 papers, 6 ribbons, 1 ricrac, 2 bows, 7 flowers, a leaf cluster, 3 frames, 2 baker's twines, a string, 2 stitches, a clock tower, a clock face, 4 star elements, 3 fireworks elements, 2 crocodiles, a cloud a parchment scroll, a pirate's ship, a ship cloud, a ship's wheel, 3 flairs, a chipboard fern, 3 sparkle elements, a glitter trail, 2 feathers, a chipboard feather, a pixie cage, a pan hat, a chipboard skull & crossbones, a play sword, a tomahawk, a staple, a skyline, a star scatter, two word stamps, 3 word tags, a word art, a wooden flourish, a beaded circle, a grid overlay and two alphas.

To coordinate with the kit, there's also a set of word art and page starters.  These are just amazing!

There's a bundle of all the items together if you'd like to purchase them all and save a little bit of money.  You can find all of Natalie's creations at her Blog Store.

Natalie is a wizard when it comes to creating all her papers.  I adore her textures and patterns.  The colors and patterns all fit together so well.  So I find it incredibly easy to use her bold patterns and mix them up together on a layout.  Here's a page for the Peter Pan Ride at Fantasyland.

And another one for Captain Hook.  Just look it that bright green chevron striped paper.  I love it!!

Since I loved the papers in this kit, I knew I wanted to make a paper stack freebie for you.  Hope you like it!  Enjoy and happy scrapping!  Make sure you also check out Cynthia's Blog and Lisa's Blog for more freebies.

Blog Image Sizes

When you are writing a blog post in Blogger, have you ever wondered how to make your image sizes bigger or smaller?  Sometimes they might look too small or too big for the post area.  How come?  Hmmm, let's figure it out.

In the Blogger menu panel, you can insert an image into your blog post by clicking the "Image" button and copying in the file name.

For this example, I'm going to use a layout I made with Dream Big Designs 'Into The Wild'.  It's saved at 600x600 pixels which is the standard size for gallery layouts.  Once your image is loaded into the blog post, you can change the size of the image as well as change the alignment of centered, right or left justified.  If you click on the image, a menu pops up that allow you to make adjustments.

Now, how big or small will your layout get??  You get 5 choices for sizing:  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Original Size.  Blogger is going to take your original image and make a sizing adjustment.  The width is the most important measurement here because your blog post area has a fixed width, but the height can vary.

If you click on "Small", Blogger will resize your image to a width of 200 and change the height accordingly.  So my layout gets resized to 200x200 pixels.

A "Medium" image will get resized to a width of 320 pixels, so my layout is now 320x320.

A "Large" image has a width of 400 pixels, so now this image is 400x400.

X-Large width is 640 pixels, so this image is now sized at 640x640.  With a centered image, some of the layout gets cut off on the right hand size (or it gets overlapped into your sidebar area depending upon which kind of blog template you are using).  This may not happen with a browser like Google Reader that gives you a larger viewing area.

If you select "Original Size", Blogger will keep the exact image dimensions your file was saved as.  So this is my original document in a size of 600x600 pixels.  Even this size has some of the layout cut off/overlapped on the right hand side.

It's very easy to adjust your image size so that you can display layouts and kits on your blog.  So which size image do you like?  Bigger is certainly better than smaller when it comes to seeing the details inside a kit or on your layout.  And personally, I like having my blog posts centered so it's easy or read and I think it looks cleaner.  

But it bugs me that some of the layout image gets cut off on the right size when I sized the image at X-Large or Original Size.  If the image is supposed to be centered, you'd think that the layout would get equally cut off on both sides, right?  Not so in Blogger, your post area is actually a little bit skewed to the right of center.  The explanation lies deep within the HTML code of how your blogger template is set up.  Explanations like that require a helmet and night vision goggles to comprehend so let's just  remember that the post area is a little off centered. LOL!

You can play some tricks to make your image fit a little bit better.  Here is the X-Large image but I made it "left justified".  Before when it was "centered" you could only see the brown scallop strip on the right, now you can see some of the orange tiger striped paper on the right (or see less of an overlap in the sidebar area).

Boy, that was a lengthy post!  But now you know how to experiment with your image sizes in a blog post and how to do a little bit of manipulation to fool Blogger.  Give it a try!  Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Template Freebie #71

Good morning.  Hope it's the start of a good weekend for you.  As the summer is winding down for us, we're trying to figure out what haven't we done this summer that we wanted to do??  We've got one week left before school starts so what should we do this week?  Do we just kick back, relax and enjoy our last week of no-hassle days or do we cram in lots of last minute activities?  Still pondering that question.  

This week I've got a simple multi photo template for you.  Here is the inspiration from The Great Movie Ride.  Sometimes I like having lots of papers, strips and blocks to fill the page.  Other times I just like the simpleness of having several photos placed together.

So here is your template freebie today.  A nice grouping for 8 photos.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Need Some Dining Titles?

Disney is full of fun rides, shows and themed decorations.  Probably one of the most unique things you can do there is dine with the Disney characters.  How fun is it to eat a great meal and have several characters come around to your table to personally visit with you.  You can have fun with the characters, have then sign your autograph books, take lots of photos with them, all in a more relaxed environment.  There are so many different dining places to choose from and so many different characters to meet at each place.  The costumes are fabulous.  Your camera certainly gets a workout at these character meals.  To celebrate all the fun at character meals, Kelly is introducing a set of 3 word art packs that are filled with character meal titles.  She's covered both Disneyworld and Disneyland.

Wow, aren't those just amazing!!  These certainly need to go into your Disney scrapping stash.  If you're like me, you've got a ton of character meal photos to scrap, so make sure you grab these word art packs this weekend while they are 25% off at

Here's some character meal fun that I scrapped.  You can head over to Kelly's Blog to look at all the CT inspiration.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

White Space

Have you ever sat down with yourself and truly analyzed what your scrapping style is?  And have you thought about how much it's changed, developed or advanced as you've gotten more experienced?  Maybe you like just a few photos on the page or like to show off a bunch of photos.  Maybe you're a clean, simple scrapper or you love to cluster, cluster, cluster.  What are your feelings about white space?  That's the topic of our tutorial today.

Some people call it white space, negative space, empty space or open space.  It's the places on your layout that have no elements.  White space can provide focus or emphasis, provide calmness to an otherwise busy page or give your eye direction or motion.  When I first started digital scrapping, I didn't like a lot of white space on my layouts.  I liked lots of photos on the page to fill up my photo books, so making a layout with lots of white space seemed so inefficient.  Now as my scrapping style has matured somewhat, I appreciate the artistic flair some pages have and enjoy browsing through layouts that creatively use white space.  So let's take a look at several layouts from Cheri's Dream Big Designs gallery and see the many ways we can use white space.  All layouts are linked to the gallery to see full credits.

In these 2 layouts, the white space is very symmetrical around the outer edges of the layout.  The photos, elements and journaling are centered in the middle.  The  background paper is a solid color.  Your eye zooms right to the middle and the page has a very soft feel.

White space can also be asymmetrical when you've got your focal point off center.  These 2 pages have a white background so it's easy for your eye to concentrate all it's attention on your composition.

You can call focus to the upper half of the page...

Or focus on the bottom half of the page....

Or vertically along one side.

Now most times we think of white space as white paper or a solid paper.  But it can also be striped or have a pattern too.

If your page has lots of motion or loud patterns, white space can provide a calm balance.  The solid blue paper tones down the bold patterns in the layout.

Now, let's start really pushing it.  How much white space can you handle on a page?  These 2 pages are very minimal.  What feelings do they bring up for you?

White space may be negative or empty, but it is certainly powerful and bold.  So, strap some white space onto your tool belt and give it a try next time you are creating a layout.  Have a great week!