Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photobucket Links

Lots of folks use Photobucket as a storage medium for their sharing their photos, layouts and project images. So when you want to share them, how do you link to these images to display them? There are 4 sets of links below each photo that are used for different purposes so let's talk about each one.  Depending on where you want to display your image, you'll code the copy and paste it into your emails, forums, or blogs.

Eamil & IM:  Use this code if you want to email or instant message the link to the image.  When you click on the link inside the email, it will take you directly to the image in Photobucket.

Direct Link:  This code allows you to display the image in your web browser, forum or blog instead of uploading the physical file.  For posting inside a forum, you'll usually find an "image or picture" button for inserting a photo into your post.  The Direct Link code is what you'll use for pasting into the photo link button.  If you've created a blinkie, you'll paste this code into the Blogger gadget so it can show up as a side bar blinkie.  This link is the one I use most frequently.

HTML Code:  Use this code to display your photo if you are doing detailed HTML coding.  If you are blogging in the COMPOSE mode, you can toggle into HTML mode and see all the gory, cryptic details and see that this is the technical code of how an image is displayed in your blogging language.

IMG Code:  This link is used on bulletin boards and forums to display your layouts and photos. It's very similar to the Direct Link code (except it has [IMG] before and [/IMG] after the code).  Some forums don't have an easy way to insert a layout, so you can paste in this code if there is no "image or picture" button. If you have a blinkie, this is the link code that you will paste into your signature.

Here's an example of posting the IMG Code link for creating my signature image.

It's good to know what each of the code links are used for in case you need them.
Hope you have a great week!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cruisin' By Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie has a HUGE new collection for you today called 'Cruisin'.  It's a mega kit plus lots of extras.  She's packed this kit with 30 papers and over 100 elements.  It's fabulous for scrapping any cruise photos but also beach, pool, tropical vacations and splashing photos.  It's so amazing!  Take a look:

Natalie made some word art, page starters, paper stacks and quick pages to complement this kit.  They are all gorgeous!

You can find all of Natalie's collections for sale in her blog store.  I would love to take a cruise and it would be a blast to take a Disney cruise.  Now that Disney cruises to Alaska, I can get that crossed off my bucket list.  

There's so many colors in this kit which makes it very versatile.  I loved the orange and blue shades which made me think of Crush, so here's another layout I created.

And to help accent your cruising and beach pages, I've got a freebie border that full of sand and sun.  Hope you like it!  Enjoy and have a great week!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Template Freebie #68

We saw the The Dark Knight Rises this week.  The boys have been so excited and patiently waiting for that Batman movie to come out.  I really LIKED it!  It was a pretty long movie but it flowed well and it didn't seem that long at all.  The boys loved all the action scenes, the super bad villain Bane, and of course any time  that Batman is dressed up in the bat suit.  Seeing the movie was certainly the high point of our week.

Here is the inspiration for the next template for you today that features a large photo on the page.  We saw Shrek, Fiona and Donkey at Universal Studios.  Donkey is just hilarious.  He chats with you and asks you questions and makes you laugh.

So here is your next template freebie.  We're up to #68.  Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rock N Roll Baby From Kellybell Designs

When you're listening to some great music, it makes you feel better.  And when the song has a great beat and some funky words, you can do anything, right?  So can an Aerosmith song make you enjoy getting catapulted off at 57 miles an hour and then flung upside down twice?  You bet it can if you're riding the Rock 'n Roller Coaster ride at Hollywood Studios!!   It's an amazing fun roller coaster ride with the best rock and roll music playing in your head rest.  Kelly's collection today focuses on all that rock and roll fun with a new kit called....

The colors are fabulous in shades of red, black, white and blue along with some funky patterns.  It's packed with lots of amazing musical elements like a guitar, microphone, sheet music notes, amplifier, ticket stub, cassette, gold record, back stage pass and reels along with cool road signs, flairs journal tags, stars and much more.  This is a great kit to scrap layouts for Rock 'n Roller Coaster, High School Musical, Hollywood Studies as well as music recitals and all those air guitar concerts.

There's a fresh and funky black alpha with red outlines included in the kit that's fabulous for creating titles.  Take a look at these 7 word art titles that Kelly made for you.

The 4 paper stack feature one in each color theme for Rock 'n Roller Coaster.

Check out the set of 5 page starters.  You'll get 2 borders and 3 cluster frames.  So fabulous for scrapping a quick layout.

This new collection will be on sale this weekend only for 25% off at www.KellybellDesigns.com.  If you've been thinking about adding a music kit to your stash, do it this weekend when you can get a discount on this gorgeous collection.  Make sure you stop by Kelly's Blog to check out all the amazing layout inspiration from the Creative Team.

There's so many fun ways you can scrap with this 'Rock 'n' Roll Baby' collection.  Take a look at what I scrapped.

If you're ready to pick up some rockin' great freebies from the team, you can grab your guitar and sing along at Julie's Blog, Kelly's Blog and you'll get my freebie below.  Make sure you give them a thumbs up along the way.  Happy scrapping and have a great week!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To-Do List Software and iPhone App

When you look around your work space, what do you see?  For me, it's lots of post-its and note papers with lists on it and notes to myself.  I'm a type-A planner person who thrives and survives with my to-do lists.    Somehow the action of writing things down helps drive me to first remember the task and then to get it done.  Then of course you get to cross it off your list and get that sense of accomplishment.

My tip today is more of an organization tip.  If I can be more organized at home, I can have more time to scrap.  Then of course I need to keep track of all the challenges and scrapping events going on.  I found a great tool to use for centralizing and automating my to-do list.  Last year I started looking for a software tool to help me out.  These were my requirements:

  • PC Based.  Since I'm on my computer so much and I feel more comfortable typing on the PC instead of on an iPhone, I wanted an easy to use PC program.
  • Categories.  I wanted to have more than 1 list but still see a complete laundry list of everything that's active.
  • Simple.  I'm looking for something that replaces my post-its and don't want anything complex to navigate or too hard to enter in my to-dos.
  • Sync with iPhone.  I wanted to see the to-do list on my iPhone and check off anything I accomplished.
  • Free.  I didn't want to pay for a software program or even an iPhone app.
So I did some online research and narrowed down my selections to 3:  Astrid, Remember The Milk and Wunderlist.  I also looked at List Maker Lite, To Do List Lite and Home And Work Lite but quickly eliminated them.  I chose Astrid because it was so easy to create a list and see all your to-dos.  Choosing a to do list method is very personal, almost like shopping for a purse.  You can be very picky about what works and doesn't work for you.

I have only 2 lists (Home and Scrapbooking) and I can add in a task quickly.  I don't classify them according to due dates (that's too complex and too much extra work).  If there is a critical due date, then I'll put that in the description of the task (for example "SO Template Challenge due 7/20").   I really like the simplicity of having a long laundry list of tasks.  I don't want to spend time looking at a calendar and entering gory details by each date.  Simple works best for me.  This is what the Astrid PC version looks like.

Then you can view the list on your iPhone.  

I'll have to admit that some days I still like my post-it notes, but I do like the flexibility and simplicity of my online to-do list.  So if you're looking to get organized, do some web research and check out all the cool organization tools available.  This one helps me!
Have a great week!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday's Freebie Template #67

Happy middle of July!  My boys are so thrilled that the new Batman movie was just released yesterday.  They've been dressing up as Batman for months and role playing lots of scenes from past movies.  We'll be seeing the movie during the week, after the opening weekend madness is over.  Ah, the joy of boys and all their superhero characters.  Hope you've got a good weekend planned.

Here is my latest template inspiration.  I love all the layouts that showcase a large photos, so this is the first of a few new ones I've got planned that feature a large photo and lots of little ones around it.

And in the spirit of summer, I've changed up the flower colors to something a little more splashy and summery.  Hope you like it.  Can't wait to see what you can create with this one.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Remember The Magic of Where Dreams Set Sail

For those of you that have been Kellybell Designs fans since the very beginning of her digital scrapping adventures, you'll probably remember this kit as one of her earliest designs.  Some things just remain a classic!  This kit was designed for scrapping all your sailing memories from a Disney cruise including all the fun adventures at each port of call.  This week, Kelly will add to this old classic.  Let's cruise together as we remember the magic of.....

This kit is packed with all kinds of nautical goodies including a cruise ship, port holes, captain's hat, shells, flip flops, ship's wheel, glitter splats, chaise lounge, shells, treasure chest, raffia, palm tree, dock, coconuts, even footprints in the sand.  You'll also get 20 papers in the classic Disney cruise line colors of red and blue along with other beautiful colors, prints and patterns.

Kelly has a new Add-On for this kit filled with 7 papers, 25 elements and a beautiful white full alpha.  Check out the sweet sand castle and all those flairs!

Look how gorgeous that alpha is.  Here's 5 word art titles that will be perfect to top your Disney cruise pages.

I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to these paper stacks and page starters.

Can't you envision using these page starters on your layout, how awesome one of the borders would look on your page and what photos you'd pop into the frames?  Better put these in your shopping cart too!

I'm sure you know how the Remember The Magic sales work at www.KellybellDesigns.com.  You get 50% off the kit for this weekend only and 25% off the new add-on, word art, paper stacks and page starters.  Now, if only putting a Disney cruise in your shopping cart was this easy!  Stop by Kellybell Designs blog to see all the CT inspiration with this collection.

While this kit is perfect for scrapping your cruise and beach pages, the colors are very versatile and can be used for lots of other Disney places and characters.  Here's a page I made of my boys taking a quick resting back as we walked back from the Caribbean Beach pool to our room.  There were several sandy areas with  hammocks.

Wow, are you just dying to go on a Disney cruise now?  I think I am!  Here's one last bit of information for you.  You get to "cruise" on over to Kelly's Creative Team and pick up their beautiful freebies.  Have a great weekend and happy scrapping.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Copy and Close Action

I'm a pretty simple scrapper.  I work on my layouts the same way every time.  I select my photos, load up lots of papers, place my elements, pick a title and then work on my shadows.  I love working with a bunch of different paper types and styles because you never know what they might look like together.  I used to load each one manually into my layout and it seemed to take forever.  Thankfully I found a very helpful action that I use constantly that does all the paper loading for me.  It's a free action created by Christy VanderWall from SpeedScraps called "Copy & Close".  

It's a fabulous utility that takes all your open papers and elements, copies them into your layout and then closes them all.  It may sound simple but it's incredibly powerful and saves you lots of time.  You'll need to have your PSD layout open, then open all the papers you want to play with.  Click on the "Copy & Close" action button and sit back and watch while it takes each paper, loads it into your layout and then closes the papers.  It keeps the file names of each paper so it's easy for crediting which kits the papers came from.  After I've played around with all my papers, I'll open several elements.  Click on "Copy & Close" and now all my elements are loaded into my layout.

You can download her free scripts here:  http://speedscraps.blogspot.com/p/free-scripts.html

If you don't already have this, make sure you check it out this week.  
Have a fabulous week!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Template Freebie #66

Oh my, it's the middle of July.  Where has my summer gone?  It seems like everyone is starting to talk about going back to school already.  I don't think I'm quite ready for that kind of talk yet.  I'm still enjoying being lazy and having a fairly open agenda each day.  How about you?

So it's Saturday and time for another template freebie.  This is my Star Wars layout for inspiration.  Anakin Skywalker is one of the boys favorite Jedi.

I was hoping to do something with big circles and triangles.  Hope you like it!  
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 13, 2012

World So Small From Kellybell Designs

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears.  It's a world of hope and a world of fears.
The lyrics to this song will stick in your head forever once you ride Disney's It's A Small World.  Originally created by Walt Disney and his team of Imagineers, this ride was a tribute to the children of the world at the UNICEF pavilion at the 1964/65 World's Fair. It features over 300 animated dolls in brightly colored costumes showcasing their native countries.  It's such a gorgeous display and a wonderful boat ride too!  For scrapping all those precious dolls and all your photos inside It's A Small World, Kelly's got a collection that's just spectacular. Introducing....

Wow!  Just look at all those amazing dolls!  This kit is so fabulous.  It has 15 brightly colored papers and neat geometric patterns and textures.  You'll get a clock tower and 8 dolls along with banners, stemmed flowers, boat, hearts, buttons, ribbons, globe, scatters, strings, stitches, flairs and so much more.  The white alpha is just precious and perfect for creating awesome titles.

Check out these 4 word art titles.  You'll want to create lots of Small World layouts just so you can use each one of these titles!

Don't forget about the gorgeous clustered Page Starters and Paper Stacks.

Head straight to www.KellybellDesigns.com to pick up this entire collection for 25% off this weekend only.  This is certainly one that belongs in your scrapping stash.  If you need some creative inspiration, you can check out all the CT layouts at Kelly's Blog.

This kit was so much fun to play with!  I wanted to show off how quick it is to scrap with the paper stacks and page starters.  Here's 2 layouts I very quickly created.  Both start with a paper stack.  Then I added in a page starter frame.  Used a word art title.  And then added in a few extra elements here a there (a few flowers, some stitching).  Look how pretty these pages are.  And the great part is that they were so easy to create.

And now that you've made it to the bottom of this blog post, you can take your boat and sail on over to visit these CT gals blogs for your freebies.  As you're visiting, make sure you start singing the chorus "It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all".  I bet you'll be singing that song all day long!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Burn Tool

Today we're going to investigate the Burn Tool and see what it can do for you.  You'll find this tool at the bottom of the tool set on the left side.  It's the yellow sponge button.  When you click on it, you'll be presented with 3 options:  the Sponge Tool, the Dodge Tool and the Burn Tool.  

The Burn Tool allows you to darken a photo or element.  You are essentially painting on dark accents with a brush tool.  You select the type and size of brush you want to paint with.  Next you select the range of darkness to adjust:  Shadows (which darkens the darkest parts), Midtones (which works on the average tones) or Highlights (which applies to the lighter parts of the photo).  Then you can adjust your Exposure level (I'd suggest starting at 50% to not get things too dark).

So let's take a look at how you can apply the Burn Tool to a photo.  First, always make sure you duplicate your photo layer so that you are not damaging your original.

This photo of the rhino is a little bit too light.  His skin color blends into the sand color and he doesn't stand out very much in this photo.


Using the Burn Tool settings above, I just brush over the rhinos skin to darken it up a bit.  Then I brushed over a bit of the sand to make it a little bit darker too.  So what do you think?  Better, huh?


Let's try another photo.  This pelican is a little bit washed out.  She sun is shining on the logs making a few spots overly bright.


So if we brush over the pelican's body and then brush over most of the log area, you can remove all the harsh sun spots and bring out more dimension in the photo.


You can also apply the Burn Tool onto elements.  Here's an adorable frog from Dream Big Designs 'A Charming Party' kit.

You can use the Burn Tool to brush along the outer edges of the frog to add some shadowing and edging.  You can make it as light or as dark as you want.  This is a great effect to apply to alphas as well.

The Burn Tool is fun to experiment with.  And you can always click "Undo" to start over and try again.  Have fun exploring this cool new tool.  Make it a great week!