Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Cool Unzipping Tool - Extract Now

It's very handy to have a useful tool for unzipping all your digital scrapping files and freebies.  When you purchase a kit, you download several files (elements, papers, alphas, templates, word art).  Sometimes these are ZIP files and sometimes they may be RAR files.

A while back I found a very cool tool called Extract Now that's a very easy drag-n-drop tool for unzipping my files.  I thought WinZip was way too confusing and other tools couldn't handle RAR files.  Extract Now is a great time saver!  For me, I love finding a simple tool that does the job you want without all kinds of extra fancy bells and whistles.

You can download the free Extract Now software HERE at their site.  Once you install it, you'll want to make one quick edit in the settings.  If you click on the Settings button on the bottom left, you'll get a pop up window with several options.  Under Destination, I check these 3 options which will create a folder in the same directory that your zip is stored in.

Here's how it works.  I open up Windows Explorer and Extract Now and minimize the windows so that I can get both programs showing on my screen.  I highlight the ZIP or RAR files I want to unzip, and then drag and drop them into the Extract Now window.  Here's 4 files from Cheri's new Girls On Wheels kit.  I click on the Extract button on the bottom right corner and the program creates a folder for each zip file and quickly unzips everything.  Once I know everything unzipped properly, then I'll delete all the zip files.

It's very fast and very simple!  I've been using this program for a long time now and couldn't survive without it.  Hope you can use it too!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh...I LOVE this extraction tool. Thanks so much for telling us about it.

  2. I use this program everyday. I LOVE IT!!!! Best application out there.

  3. Linda- I wanted to thank you for this- I've been looking for something that would unzip my numerous downloads after my download sprees!! You know I spent a couple days unzipping about 500 files, not a fun time. But looking forward to trying this out! Too bad I already unzipped all my iNSD files!! Thanks Again! -Michelle (msbagley)

  4. I love this program. Thanks so much for sharing.