Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Cool Screen Capture Tool Called Jing

I posted this on Kellybell's Tutorial Blog yesterday and get to share it with you here today.  Have you ever wondered how those tutorial writers get the images of their screen into their tutorials?  I used to have the old Snipping Tool but that didn't seem to be very flexible.  Someone mentioned a tool called Jing that was fabulous for capturing screen images.  I went to try it out and was instantly hooked!  It's so easy to use and I've utilized it to write some instruction manuals for my kid's school.  Plus it's so handy to just copy a portion of a screen image and email it when you're taking about computer problems (which seems to be very often!!).

You can find a free version of this tool on the Jing website.  It's made by a company called TechSmith.  It's a very simple and easy software tool to use.  It does run constantly in your PC background.  A small yellow semi circle sits at the top middle of your monitor (you can always turn it off).  Once you click on it, you get 3 buttons - Capture, History and More.

I just click on the first yellow circle with the plus sign for Capture.  That brings up some yellow guidelines.  Position them on your screen in the upper left corner of what you want to capture.  Click.  Then position down at the bottom right corner.  Click.  You'll get a small option box where you select 'Capture Image', then another option box to copy or save your image.  It's so easy!!

Here's a screen image I cut from the Jing website.  You can also write some text on your screen image.  Here I wrote "Cute Frog!!".

 There's a free version for both Windows and Mac.  TechSmith makes other fee-based screen capture tools which probably offer lots more customization if you want to become a serious tutorial writer, but for a free tool, it's a pretty good one!

Monday, February 27, 2012

World Of Laughter Add-On, Word Art and Page Corners

Natalie was working on some layouts for It's A Small World and decided to make a few new items.  Well, one thing led to another and now she's got a new Add-On, Word Art and Page Corners!!  I'd love to just hang out at her house and watch her design -- she'd blow me away!!

Here's the original World Of Laughter kit.  Natalie's got it on sale for 35% off until Friday.  It's one of the most unique kits I've ever seen!  Those dolls are just precious!

And now take a look at the Add-On kit.  There's 9 new papers and 19 new elements.

You can always use more word art titles that have been created for you!

And check out these gorgeous page corners.  Easy to plop into the sides of a layout or use for a photo frame.

Here's my Small World page using the new Add-On kit, the 2 titles are from the Word Art pack.

And look how quickly you can create a page using one of the Page Corners for a frame cluster and a large Word Art.  Such a quick way to scrap!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Freebie Template #46 - Yup, I'm Back!

I really do enjoy scrapping and making templates.  Last summer, I totally lost my template mojo.  I've been wanting to revamp my template format and color scheme but never got on the ball to do that.  I was so tickled to see all the layouts using my templates in the Mousescrappers Speed Scrap Marathon last month that it really got me inspired to start up making template freebies again.

I've switched up my color scheme, added in a few extra elements and I now have a bunch of templates ready to share with you!  So, are you ready for some template freebies again???

Well, here we go with Freebie Template #46.  This was my layout for inspiration.

And here is my first template freebie of the new year with the new format!  What do you think?  I'm so thrilled to be sharing them with you again!  Enjoy!  Can't wait to see your layouts around the galleries.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't Ya Love A Parade From Kellybell Designs

Not only does Disney know how to host a great holiday party, they also know how to put on an amazing parade.  There are so many fabulous parades to see at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  It all starts with staking out that perfect viewing spot -- one with a great angle for taking photos, one in the shade on a hot sunny day, or one where your kids can run around to pass the time waiting.  There's so much excitement in the air when the parade starts and you peek down the road and see the first float coming your way.  You gotta take tons of photos during the parade.  And then you'll need a kit to scrap all those photos.  Kelly's so excited to introduce a new parade themed kit today called....


This kit is just bursting with color and lively elements.  There's confetti, swirls, star bursts, balloons and sparkles along with some journal tags, stitching and gorgeous layered flowers.  The 15 papers are full of fun patterns and colors that will make you smile!  Check out this set of 5 word art titles.  They'll add some excitement of your layout.

A new part of this kit's collection is a set of 4 clustered paper stacks.  How gorgeous!  Start with one of these papers as your base and your page is off to a good start!

Next you can layer on some page starter borders and frames.  Look at all the color and fun just bursting out here!

Kelly's newest releases are on sale for 25% off until midnight Sunday so make sure you grab these at Kellybell Designs Store.

With the paper stacks, page starters, and word art, it's so easy and quick to put together a fabulous parade layout with festive colors.  Take a look at what I created from the Magic Kingdom Dreams parade.

There's a parade of freebies to present to you from Kelly's Creative Team.  Stake out your spot first at Jenn's Blog, round the corner to get to Roxana's Blog, and the parade will end at Sarah's Blog.  You'll be picking up a border freebie, frame cluster and Quick Page.  Follow the parade and leave some love for the gals along the way.  Then go shopping at Kellybell Designs Store and grab this beautiful parade collection.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Sneeky Peek From Kellybell Designs

Kelly's got something colorful and fun coming your way on Friday.  Head on over to her blog for a chance to win this kit!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Vintage Mickey - New From Kellybell Designs

Scrapbooking is all about preserving your memories and making the photos and the pages last forever.  Isn't it funny that sometimes we want to to take perfectly good photographs and make them look vintage?  And take papers and make them look distressed or wrinkled.  Why?  Because the vintage look is absolutely gorgeous!!  Today, Kelly is combining her love for Mickey Mouse with a spectacular vintage feel.

'Vintage Mickey' is a fabulous collection of 15 distressed papers and vintage textures in classic Disney colors of black, red and cream.  Inside the kit you'll find 3 word art strips, 2 flairs, tape strip, stitching, old fashioned camera, wax seals, banner, flourishes and more.  There's a red alpha framed in black that is just stunning!  This kit is fabulous for scrapping your photos of Mickey from Epcot's Character Spot, Chef Mickeys, or Magic Kingdom.  I know I certainly have tons of photos of Mickey so it's nice to have a variety of kits to choose from for scrapping character layouts. 

Take a look at these clustered Page Starters.  It's a gorgeous collection of borders, frames and clusters.

You'll find all of Kelly's kits at Kellybell Designs Store.  These 2 new releases are 25% off this weekend only. 

This vintage kit has so many scrapping possibilities.  Here's my page:

If you're looking for traditional Disney colors, you might also like Kelly's 'I Love That Mouse'.  You can try combining both the vintage and the classic look in your layouts.

Onto the fun stuff now -- the freebies!  Kelly's Creative Team has 3 fabulous freebies for you today, you don't want to miss out.  Head on over to Fiona's Blog, Jamie's Blog and  Lisa's Blog to find their treasures.  Enjoy and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tell Your Story Templates From Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie loves to journal and her 2 new templates today are a great example of how a large journaling block can be a main focal point on your layouts.  The template pack is called ' Tell Your Story'.  Journaling is something I can certainly do a lot more of with my layouts!

Here's our story about Splash Mountain which is such a cool ride.  This template has plenty of room for photos but also dedicates a large block to journal space.

Then I used the journal block in this template for a large photo, so there's lots of versatility with templates to vary them up a bit.

Natalie also has a fabulous word art pack of pirate sayings and titles.  You'll find all of Natalie's creations in her blog store at Natalie's Place Designs.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Around The Riverbend By Kellybell Designs

If you've been working on Kelly's February Blog Challenge trying to decide which Disney princess to scrap, you may have noticed that Kelly's offering of kits is missing one princess.  Have you figured out which one that was??   She's the daughter of a Native American chief.  She can feel the spirits in the earth, water and sky.  She can hear voices in the mountain and see colors in the wind.  Of course, she's Pocahontas and here is her kit....


'Around The Riverbend' is a fabulous collection of 15 papers in woodsy textures and patterns mixed with gorgeous turquoise.  There's Pocahontas and Meeko along with a tee pee, tree, campfire, branches, canoe, feathers, flairs and other pretty flowers, strings and leaves.  Plus Kelly made a stunning wooded alpha in a deep rich brown.

Check out these amazing new Page Starters.  There's 2 borders, 2 frame clusters, one word art title and a cluster strip.  So beautiful!  And they make a great addition to your scrapping stash.

These 2 new releases will be 25% off this weekend only so make sure you grab them now at a discount at Kellybell Designs Store.

The papers in this kit are amazing for stacking and blocking.  And you can cluster your heart out with all these adorable elements.  Check out what I made with 'Around The Riverbend'.

Kelly's Creative Team has 3 amazing freebies for you today.  My freebie is a paper stack to get your Pocahontas layouts started.  Continue on your path through the mountains to Christy's Blog and Jessica's Blog.  Leave some love as you pass through their camps, in the end you'll have 3 treasures.  And somewhere today as you look around you, I hope you can see the colors of the wind!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Natalie's Place Designs Announces Simply DeVine

Finding DeVine when you're walking along the trails in Animal Kingdom is pretty hard.  She blends right into the scenery that you might just walk right by her and not even notice.  We finally found her last summer and she certainly was beautiful.  Her facial makeup is gorgeous!!  Natalie's announcing a kit today in her honor called 'Simply DeVine'.  It's full of patterned greenery papers and lots of leaves and vines.  There's so many uses for this kit. 

You'll find all of Natalie's kits on her Blog Store.  I really loved scrapping with this kit!!  Clustering is a breeze because there's so many textured flowers, palms, vines and leaves to stack together.  Here's 2 pages from Animal Kingdom last summer.  This kit sure brings out the tropical and garden feel to the layouts.

Since this kit is fabulous for Animal Kingdom, I made a word art freebie that's very tropical with all the vines.  Hope it makes a great title to your layouts.  Check out Cynthia's Blog and Lisa's Blog to find their freebies too!  Enjoy and happy scrapping!

Kellybell Designs February Monthly Blog Challenge!!

February is going to be an exciting month at Kellybell Designs!  Today Kelly is kicking off her first ever blog challenge -- too cool.  This month's challenge is called Show Me A Princess!  There's so many amazing kits in her store that are perfect for scrapping your princess pages.  I can't wait to see what you can come up with.  Here's the scoop about all the rules and instructions to play:
  • Scrap your best Disney princess page using 100% Kellybell products and freebies (you are allowed to use a template from another designer)
  • Post your layout into the Challenges Gallery at Kellybell Designs by midnight EST Feb 29th
  • Follow these 3 instructions:  Layouts must contain at least 2 photos of a real Disney princesses (no movie posters or cartoons for a photo).  Include at least 3 sets of clusters.  Use at least 4 papers.
  • There are 10 Disney Princesses:  Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana.
Two winners will be selected and announced the first week of March.  One winner will be chosen at random so all participants have a chance to win. The second winner will be selected as the most outstanding layout. Both winners will receive a gift certificate to Kellybell Designs store.

That sure sounds like fun!  To get those creative juices flowing, here's a princess layout from me for inspiration.  I finally got my last layout done for our breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table.  Disney was very smart to offer swords to the boys.  Dining with princesses is so much easier when you have a weapon!! LOL!! Check out Kelly's blog to see lots more inspiration from her entire Creative Team.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kellybell Designs New Store and Grand Re-Opening Sale

2012 has already proved to be an exciting year for Kellybell Designs.  So many amazing new ventures are on the horizon!!  Today Kelly is proud to announce the launch of her new store, blog and gallery at!  There's so many new features and new items in the store, you'll want to make sure you check everything out! 

To kick off the new store, Kelly's having a Grand Re-Opening Sale!  It's a storewide sale of 50% off EVERYTHING.  You'll want to come on in and browse all the new categories to see what cool new kits and extras are there.  The sale runs from Tuesday Jan 31st through Sunday Feb 5th.

To continue the celebration, Kelly has a cool new freebie on her blog, so make sure you visit and browse around at all the fun new features!!  Stay tuned for lots of new challenges, tutorials and freebies on her new blog!