Friday, September 30, 2011

Remembering The Magic of Expedition Safari

Have you ever been on a wild animal safari? Or maybe dreamed about one day taking a trip to Africa in search of lions and elephants? Maybe some day .... but for now we'll enjoy seeing these majestic creatures in the zoos and wildlife parks, which is just as exciting. Today, we celebrate those animal instincts as we Remember The Magic of....


Expedition Safari is so wonderfully wild and full of animal goodies. Take a look at the lion, giraffe, rhinoceros, hippopotamus and elephant. Look further and you'll find a jeep, camera, bongos, tribal mask, and a mix of flowers, greenery, buttons, ribbons and 15 papers with some great animal skin prints. And lastly, a large cardboard alpha for crafting the perfect title.

To supplement the Expedition Safari kit, Kelly has created a new Add-On with 7 richly patterned papers and amazing frames, leaves and flowers. And check out the set of 6 Clusters which can give your pages a quick jump start.

To find the Expedition Safari kit, Word Art Pack, Add-On and Cluster Pack, you can head on over to Kellybell's Store. Remember, the Kit and Word Art will be 50% off this weekend and the new Add-On and Clusters will be 25% off this weekend. That's a fabulous price so why not grab them all!!

Here's a page I made with these fabulous kits.  I'd heard so much about DiVine at Animal Kingdom but we'd never been able to find her.  Finally in June as we were walking down the trail between Africa and Asia, we spotted her.  It was amazing how she blended in with the background.  What a cool costume and great makeup on her face.  Her eyes were very expressive!!

Hope that you can find your inner animal and scrap some really wild pages!
Happy scrapping!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Natalie's Got Another Mini.. It's About My Pal Mickey

Natalie's created her fourth mini kit focusing on characters.  Today's special guest is Mickey Mouse and the kit is called 'My Pal'.  She's included several textured flowers and greenery along with a bright banner, buttons, tag and frames.  The red gel alpha is so wonderful for making a title for your page.  And of course, the papers are a great accent for our little mouse friend.  Take a look at this adorable mini kit!

I just love bright colored papers so mixing and matching these papers was so easy!  The black, red and yellow are such a perfect match for showing off Mickey Mouse!

You can purchase 'My Pal' at Natalie's Blog.  Here's a cute page border for you today.
You'll also find some friendly freebies at Cynthia's BlogLisa's Blog and Sandy's Blog
Enjoy and happy scrapping!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bugged Out by Kellybell Designs

Ewww, there's a bug!!!  Seriously, when you see a bug, is your first reaction to save it or squish it??  Or maybe to put on your 3D "Bug Eye" glasses to watch It's Tough To Be A Bug show at Animal Kingdom.  Disney-Pixar's "A Bug's Life" is full of adorable little creatures featuring a cute blue ant named Flik and all his insect friends.  Today Kelly has a new kit that's also full of little outdoor critters called...


'Bugged Out' has 15 papers with a great mix of solids and patterns including some wonderful leafy designs.  And take a peek at the adorable big blue ant Flik.  He's accompanied by a snail, caterpillar, bumblebee, black ant, dragonfly, firefly and several ladybugs.  Plus several woodsy leaves, grass, tree and mushrooms.  The big green alpha will make some fabulous titles.  And if you want some premade titles, then check out Kelly's Word Art pack of 7 different sayings.  Whether you scrapping your meetings with Flik and Atta or scrapping your child picking up bugs, this kit will be a fabulous addition to your scrapping stash.

Stop by Kellybell's Store to browse all her wonderful creations and to purchase this kit and matching word art.  Remember, all new releases are 25% off for the weekend.

Aren't those colors fabulous?  Take a look at what I scrapped with 'Bugged Out'.  It's all the bugs from It's A Bug's Life in the Hollywood Studios parade.

Kelly's Creative Team earned their "creative" badges today with an amazing selection of freebies.  You don't want to miss out on these!  So here's the ant trail you need to follow today:  Donna's Blog and Sarah's Blog.  And here's my freebie frame.  Happy scrapping and watch out for bugs!!

Link updated!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Colors Of The Wind by Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie's got a very colorful kit today that was inspired by Pocahontas and the Native Spirit.  It's a beautiful blend of turquoise mixed with deep reds, oranges and purples.  And check out that tee pee and adorable raccoon.  Here it is.

You can pick up this kit at Natalie's Blog and also grab a gorgeous freebie frame she made.  We got the chance to meet Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom a few years ago.  This kit is just perfectly matched to her color scheme.

Don't you love those deep rich colors??  I do!!  Here's a word art freebie title for you today.  Happy scrapping to you!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lovin Those Curves Templates Vol2 From Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie has a few more templates for you today.  She always comes up with some very unique design and all the waves and curves today are amazing!  Take a look at 'Lovin Those Curves Templates Vol2'.

These templates are fabulous for showing off lots of coordinating paper colors.  And all the curves make a layout so much more interesting!!

This template would make a great title page for your photobook!!  And it's fun to put a few big clusters on each side of the main photograph.

Head on over to Natalie's Blog where you can pick up this template pack and browse all her other creations.  Have a great weekend!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Remembering The Magic of Cinderelly

The story of Cinderella is such a dreamy feel-good story where the young maid, surrounded by 2 evil stepsisters and a demanding stepmother, transitions into a beautiful princess who marries the handsome prince and lives happily ever after.  Little girls everywhere have been dressing up like Cinderella with visions of living in a castle some day.  It's the ultimate dream come true story that appeals to all ages. 

Today Kelly brings back an oldie but goodie classic out of the vault to share with you for the weekend.  Today, we remember the magic of.....


'Cinderelly' has 15 papers in a lush palette of  blue, white and yellow.  You'll find 3 stitches, crowns, carriage, heart shaped glitter balloons, magic wand and lots of matching buttons, ribbons and flowers.  There's also a few hints of purple to make your pages really pop!  And 5 different word art sayings for making that just right title.

The 'Cinderelly' kit and matching word art will be 50% off this weekend only
Make sure you pick them up at Kellybell's Store before they head back to the vault.

If you're already the proud owner of 'Cinderelly', then you'll want to check out Kelly's new Add-On kit.  It's the perfect complement.  The 'Cinderelly Add-On' has 7 papers, a gorgeous Cinderella dress, glass slipper, bird, brads and pumpkin along with some dainty flowers, scatters, frames and an adorable little mouse.  Look at how gorgeous that stone paper is!!

The 'Cinderelly Add-On' is available for 25% off this weekend only at Kellybell's Store.
You can grab the kit, word art and add-on for an amazing discount!!

The colors are fabulous for scrapping Cinderella's castle, breakfast with princesses, dress up time and tea parties or any day your daughter decides to wear her princess dresses!!  Take a look at what I scrapped with these kits.

Kelly's Creative Team had lots of fun with this kit and always whips up some wonderful freebies for you.  Check them out at Fiona's Blog,  Jamie's Blog, and Jenn's Blog.  Have a magical day and may we all live happily ever after!!

An Awesome Bike Kit From Wimpychompers Creations

Learning to ride your first bike is an awesome accomplishment for a child.  It's so exciting to watch them try to keep their balance while figuring out how to steer and brake.  As a parent, you just hold your breath the whole time hoping that they won't fall over and crash!!  Today Christina has an amazing new kit that celebrates the joy of riding your bike, scooter and skateboards.  It's called 'Roll With It'.

'Roll With It' is so fun!  Christina has filled the kit with highly colorful papers, lots of little girls and boys riding scooters and skateboards, street signs, helmets, bicycles, tricycles, grass and dirt.  Plus she's offering a fabulous alpha pack of 6 colored alphabets that are so versatile for playtime!!

The colors and elements are wonderful for scrapping both boys and girls having fun riding.  This summer was a huge turning point for my 2 boys regarding their bike riding skills.  Matthew got a new gear bike for his birthday in August and Andrew just learned how to ride a two-wheeler all by himself.  They were out riding every morning and every evening on their bikes!!

It's such a fun kit!!  Make sure you stop by the Scrapmatters Store to pick up 'Roll With It'.  Now here's a cute word art title, perfect for those learning to ride their bikes.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Silly Ole Bear From Natalie's Place Designs

You know you love that fluffy yellow bear from the 100 Acre Woods!  He's everyone's favorite teddy bear and today Natalie is honoring him with a mini-kit called 'Silly Ole Bear'.  I just loved all the colors in this kit!!  Natalie's gathered a wonderful set of elements like honey pots, bees, tree limbs, red balloon, honey combs and adorable banners and journal tags.  It's an amazing tribute to Pooh Bear!!

If you stop over to Natalie's Blog, you can purchase her mini kits and grab her wonderful freebies!!

I loved the mix of red, yellow and blue papers.  The red gingham is really stunning and the textured flowers are awesome for clustering.  Here's our photos from the Crystal Palace lunch with our friend Pooh Bear.

Isn't that kit so adorable??  Make sure you grab it!!  For your freebie today, I made a word art title with Natalie's cool gel alpha!  You can also stop by Cynthia's Blog, Lisa's Blog, and Sandy's Blog to see what kind of freebies they made for you.  Enjoy and happy scrapping!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Simple Dates and Pixie Dust - Two Must Haves!!

Let's face it, finding a new way to add a date to your layout can be a struggle. Many times we don't date our layouts because we either forget or just can't find a cool date element that blends into the page. Kelly knows how critical it is to document your stories and has come up with several new ways to add a date to your layout. Today she's releasing 2 new date packs to add to her existing collection of unique and innovative date stamps.


Simple Dates Volume 7 features the cutest Mickey ears clip that you can snap on to a ribbon or paper. Simple Dates Volume 8 is a sweet paper clip that can be recolored to match your layout theme. The dates are very versatile with all the days, months, and years for mixing and matching. And you can grab these 2 kits for 25% off this weekend only!!

Right now in Kellybell's Store, there are 8 different date kits available. With all this variety to choose from, you'll have so many new ways to date your pages!!

No Disney layout would be complete without sprinkling a little pixie dust on your page!! Today, Kelly has a new set of pixie dust trails for you. She's mixed in some gold and sparkly colors to really make them shine.


Need some variety in your pixie dust?? Kelly has 4 different pixie dust trails for you to choose from. Grab them all in Kellybell's Store. And remember, new releases are 25% for this weekend only!

Wow!! So many choices!! For some inspiration on how to use these dates and pixie dust, here's what I scrapped today.

Hmmmmm. I wonder what kind of goodies Kelly's team has for you today?? Isn't it fun to collect all these fabulous freebies? Here's the path you need to follow: Jessica's Blog, Julie's Blog and Kelly's Blog. So hop around to visit their blogs, grab a goodie and leave some love!! Enjoy and happy scrapping (and dating!!).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Believe Mini Kit From Natalie's Place Designs

Today starts a new series of mini-kits from Natalie's Place Designs that will just knock your socks off.  First up is a Tinkerbell inspired kit with 8 gorgeous papers that have a little sparkle to them.  Her textured flowers are fabulous for clustering.  She's included several Tinkerbell silhouettes, a bell, mirror, mushrooms, ribbons, pretty greenery, pixie dust and a gel alpha.  It's beautiful!!

You can grab Natalie's kit and her wonderful freebies at Natalie's Blog.  Of course I had to scrap our picture in front of the castle.  The blue and pink papers were a fabulous mix.  And look at all the awesome flowers and leaves.  You just can't stop layering these!!

I made this one with Natalie's Ray of Light templates.  The template below is my absolute favorite one!!

Aren't those papers just so pretty??  I love them!!  In fact, that's your freebie today, a pretty paper stack to get your layouts started.  Hope you have a magical day!!  Enjoy and happy scrapping!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ray of Light Templates From Natalie's Place Designs

Natalie has been crazy busy creating a bunch of new templates and mini kits.  She'll be releasing lots of new stuff her shortly so make sure you're following her blog for all the latest scoop.  Today she kicks it off by releasing a template 2-pack called Ray of Light.  Check it out...

The templates have some fabulous circles and wavy lines, and of course the amazing light rays shining through. You can grab these on her blog at Natalie's Place Designs. These were so much fun to scrap with. You might notice some of the new mini-kits I got to scrap with too. First, grab her templates and then the minis will be come out soon!!

Here's our lunch at Crystal Palace with our favorite stuff bear Pooh!

Taking a PhotoPass Special Add-In photo with Tinkerbell.  Notice how excited the boys are!!

And one of the most fun rides at Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Mania!!