Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Photos and Some Layouts

How was your Halloween??  Was it spooky and scary??  My boys had been waiting all week for the school carnival on Friday night and then trick or treating on Sunday night.  They had a blast at both and got more candy than any person should ever be eating!  But as a kid, you can eat candy all day long and not ever get a belly ache.  Matthew dressed up as Batman and Andrew changed him mind at the last minute and decided to be Iron Man.  The world should feel much safer with these 2 superheroes defending us!!  Here they are:

I have a few layouts to share.  Here is our visit with the Power Rangers.  Sad that they are no longer at Disneyworld any more.  We got to meet the yellow, blue and green ranger.  This was my first layout with Plum Dumpling Designs 'Super Villians' and 'All American Superhero' kits.

I just finished the Mousescrappers weekly challenge which was a costume challenge.  I used Kellybell Designs 'Essential Disney'.

Then here's my layout for the Mousescrappers template challenge and the speed scrap challenge.  The Flik layout uses Brittish Designs 'Sailor' and 'Fish Are Friends' kits.  The Donald Duck layout uses Natalie's Place Designs 'Merit Badge' kit.  Head over to Mousescrappers this week to check out Natalie's template challenge, she's got a fabuous mickey mouse head template.

Hope you have a great week.  Hard to believe it's already the month of November.

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  1. I really like those Power Ranger layouts - not only the kits you showed off, but how you set it up! I think I'll be scraplifting that layout idea for my opener layouts for Hollywood Studios - I was having trouble getting inspired!

    :) Mags / MagsGraphics