Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Try Not To Panic!!

They say that it will eventually happen to you.  We read about it happening to other people but always think 'it won't happen to me'.  Then one day it does and you are just defenseless, stressed and wanderering around totally lost.  Yup, it finally happened to me.  On Sunday after church, my notebook DIED.  After 2.5 years, it decided it just had enough and would no longer turn on.  Luckily I had all my documents backed up because it was acting a bit quirky all week.  So now I'm getting a super cool desktop from Dell, but have to wait 2 weeks for delivery.  Thankfully my husband had an older notebook I could use so we got Photoshop Elements set up on it and now I can get back to scrapping again.  Let me tell you, the last 3 days have not been fun!!

Soooo, stay tuned.  On Friday, Kellybell has a new kit and there will be lots of goodies for you!!!


  1. sorry to hear that...I get SO nervous about my external hard drive crashing! good idea to backup. good luck with your new computer-very fun! Also--I'm so excited to hear about Kellybell's new kit coming! :)

    ps. I'm Julie L. at Mousescrappers! :)

  2. Hey Julie L, I'm happy to report that my new fancy desktop PC has arrived and is all set up now. Sooo much faster!!! A PC crash is certainly scary, hope it never happens again.