Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mousescrappers Speed Scrap Marathon Layouts

Last Saturday and Sunday was the Speed Scrap Marathon at Mousescrappers.  Five layouts each day, so that meant scrapping from early morning to late night.  I did all 5 speed scraps on Saturday, then 3 of them on Sunday.  I missed the early ones because we were at church and our family lunch (so I think that's a good excuse not to be scrapping!!).  The marathon was a TON of fun.  Some of the instructions were easy and then a few instructions were pretty hard.  I learned a few new techniques, like making a photo sepia color.  Carol, one of the hosts, shared with us a color wheel for selecting complimentary colors.  Check out that website HERE.  The participation prizes were awesome, can't wait to start using them.

Here are the layouts I created for the speed scrap.

I sure got a bunch of layouts done that weekend.  Mark your calendars for Thursday August 5 for the next Mousescrappers Speed Scrap.

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  1. Loved seeing all of them this past weekend! They are fantastic! It sure was a fun Minnie Marathon!!