Friday, June 25, 2010

Pirate Layouts & Template Freebie #2

I finally finished up some pirate layouts:  one layout for meeting Captain Hook and Mr. Smee and another layout for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  So let me show you what I made...

First I used Kellybell Designs' 'Off To NeverLand' kit and her matching 'NeverLand Word Art' kit to work on the Captain Hook layout.  The elements in this kit are really cool.  I love the building silhouettes and the pixie dust trail, plus some rich brown/green/red papers.  Sometimes finding the right kit can really help get your imagination going -- and this kit helped my pictures become a little bit more lively.  Hook had his hand out waving so I placed the sword element in his hand mixed in with all the pixie dust.  Some layouts you like more than others, and this one I DO like!!

Next for the POTC ride, I used Kellybell's 'Yo Ho Yo Ho' kit and the 'Word Art Sampler' kit for the title.  My boys are huge Jack Sparrow fans so this ride is a must-do every trip.  You just can't get enough Jack Sparrow!!

You can purchase any of Kellybell's kit over at her store HERE.

Now, onto another template freebie.  I make a template from my Crystal Palace layout.  I liked the simpleness of the 4 photos and the fun of the wavy shape.  Have fun with it!!



  1. I LOVE your Crystal Palace layout. Thank you for the template. :)

  2. Thank you for the awesome template! Your layouts
    are beautiful !

  3. Thank you for such a versatile template!